American Kunekune Pig Society
The American KuneKune Pig Society is run on a non-profit basis to further the interest of the pigs, the pedigree and lineage of the breed, and those who love to keep them. The AKKPS is an official breed registry for pedigree KuneKune pigs, and provides our membership an accessible online herdbook of all AKKPS registered pigs and their ancestors.
American Kunekune Pig Registry
Official registry for Kunekune pigs in the United States and Canada.
AKPR is the foundation registry for the Kunes, with a free online herdbook available for everyone to look up pedigrees.
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The British KuneKune Pig Society
Encouraging the breeding and owning of KuneKune pigs and promoting their welfare; providing information on the health, care and breeding of KuneKune pigs.
Bear Creek Mobile Veterinary
Amy Jordan, DVM
South Ridge Veterinary Hospital
Bert Parker, DVM
New Zealand Kunekune Association
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