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Photo Album
AKBA 1339

Whakanui x Tapeka

6 yrs old, produces excellent piglets with the Tapeka Trait. He is a love bug, sweet boar, easy to work with and his piglets have the same great attitude.
Thanks go to Tule Fog Farm for breeding him and picking him for KKP.
AKPR 4914

1.5 yrs old

Tutaneki x Jenny boar 

His first litters are hitting the ground now and are spectacular with great substance. His future as a force in the breeding arena is already proven at a young age. He is easy to handle and work with, a true joy.
Kid Rock
AKPR 3477

Boris x Aria Giana boar 

3 yrs old, he produces big thick structure, short snout, with perfect legs and feet on his piglets. He is producing larger pigs perfect for those interested in meat production.
Sweet guy easy to work with.
AKKPS 2631
Boris x Rona 

2 yrs old, he is a son of Kid Rock with nice thick structure and a great head and short snout but not extreme.
He will be breeding this year will be exciting to see the next generation of the Boris line.
Baby Hance
AKPR 3978

Tonganui x Wilson's Gina 

3 yrs old, a total improvement with the Tonganui line. He is a large boar perfect for pork production, his piglets grow to size very well, but still maintain their good looks. His dad, Hence, is a favorite of mine.
AKPR 3876, AKKPS 0278

BH Tutaki x Jenny 

4 yrs old. Excellent structure and that gorgeous head, he is a favorite at the farm and to work with. His piglets have his fabulous looks and size. Back to the passion pen for him...
Little Goody
AKBA 0755

Andrew x Jenny

5 yrs old. Excellent structure with foundation imports from NZ and UK.
He produces lots of color in his piglets. Sweet gentle boar, loves attention.
AKPR 5048

Whakanui x Jenny boar 

16 months old. A real fun boar always in my pocket so hard to get a good picture.
His piglets have just hit the ground and are exceptional, great future for him.
AKBA 0405
 Mahia Love x Jenny

Excellent structure on an unwattled boar that produces wattles on most of his piglets. Great head and snout.