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We strive to produce quality pigs with the "Classic" look, short snout, wide head, straight legs, good feet and that Kune personality. Our success in the show ring is proof that our breeding program is working. Kunekune Preserve, USA has one of the most genetically diverse herds of Kunekune Pigs in the country. Our boar bloodlines include: Wairua, Ru, Tuahuru, Tonganui, Boris, TeWhangi, Andrew, Mahia Love, Tutaki, and BH Tutaki. The sow bloodlines include: Trish, Aria Giana, Kereopa, Wilsons Gina, Rona, Jenny and Rebecca Gina.  With these diverse genetics breeding for the confirmation correct Kune will be exciting.  By keeping a large herd we can select from various boar and sow lines to achieve the classic Kune. With all the newest lines in the U.S. it is becoming more important to check pedigrees as well as the line name of the pigs.

Congratulations to Cyndi, AKBA 2012 Top Handler Award

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